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Founded in 2004, 3C Media is a leading producer and provider of TV programmes in China, focusing on overseas TV formats introducing, original content creating, TV programme production and distribution. Since its success in introducing the BBC Worldwide's format STRICTLY COME DANCING to China in 2006, 3C Media has established strategic partnerships with the world's leading format companies, which shaped it as the pioneer in acquiring international  TV formats and the leading creator in adapting and creating original TV programmes in China. 3C media is also one of the earliest companies to build up the Format R&D Center and International Copyright Distribution Center. Currently its core business lies in research and development of original content, international distribution, co-development and co-production with global partners.

3C Media is equipped with top creative and production teams. It creates the first-class platform for talents, content production and marketing. 3C Media has produced a list of high-quality programmes for China’s major Satellite TV networks, including SURPRISE! DADDY, MASTER CLASS, CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF, LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER, GET YOURSELF MARRIED IN TEN WEEKS, THE SPRING OF COMEDY CLASS etc. The historical experiencing programme LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER and the musical educational show MASTER CLASS respectively won the awards as the “Program with the Most Influential Brand of the Year” and the “Top Ten Entertainment Programs of Satellite TV Satisfaction”.

Based on its comprehensive and profound understanding on TV formats, 3C Media co-hosts China Formats with Shanghai TV festival, with the aim of building the win-win platform between international format developers and the rocketing Chinese TV formats industry.

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