Long Zhang, Producer
Long Zhang has more than 5 years’ experience of main provincialbroadcasters. He had beenchief director of Spring Festival Gala of Tianjin TV from 2010 to 2013. He has also been chief editor of language shows and executive director of the broadcaster.  Being Chief Director of China’s First TV Crosstalk Contest, he joined in creation of more than ten grand evening parties and premiere ceremonies of films. He has won many awards of national level and has rich experience on great TV variety shows, planning and implementation of variety evening parties. Meanwhile, the events planned and directed by him performed well in commercial promotion and led to great economic benefit.

Songtao Xu, Director of Songtao Xu Studio
SongtaoXu joined CCTV2 in 2001 serving successively as director of Dialogue, chief executive director of Win in China, chief executive director and outreach team leader of CCTV1’s We, producer of Shenzhen TV’s 22° Observe and chief director of Dragon TV’s New Girl in the Office. Two shows he contributed to—Zhu Lilan: Passion for Innovation(2001) and Reform of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Industries(2002) were separately awarded. Zhu Lilan: Passion for Innovation got Radio and TV Association’s second prize and he himself was rewarded CCTV Economy Ministry’s Outstanding Individual in the second half of 2002.He also took part in whole process of Win In China including auditions, recording, editing, commercial combat shooting and post-stage work and was chief executive director of final live of two seasons. Now he has his own studio here in 3C.

Haipeng Wu, Director of Haipeng Wu Studio/Vice Director of Production Center
He has been working in this industry for 13 years, has once served in Beijing Yinhan Media and BTV. And he has a master degree from Beijing University. 

Jing He  Producer
Chief Director, GET YOURSELF MARRIED IN TEN WEEKS, LeTV & Anhui Satellite TV, 2015
Casting Director, MASTER CLASS, Beijing Satellite TV, 2014
Chief Director, QIAN’S WORLD, Liaoning Satellite TV, 2013
Chief Director, WHO IS THE BEST, Hebei Satellite TV, 2013
Executive Producer, IDENTITY, Guangxi Satellite TV, 2012
Casting Director, SING YOUR MIRACLES, Guangxi Satellite TV, 2012
Main Director, TOP GEAR, Hunan Satellite TV, 2012
Director, LAST CHOIR STANDING, Southeast Satellite TV, 2011

Longfu Qi   Team Supervisor
Chief Executive Director, SING YOUR MIRACLES, Guangxi Satellite TV, 2015
Chief Executive Director, THE SPRING OF COMEDY CLASS, 2015
Executive Director, BEAT THE BLONDES, 2014

Yao Xiaoying   Managing Director of Shanghai Xiaoying Media, a branch of 3C Media
Creator and Producer of MASTER CLASS CHINA, the very first kids singing educational show aired on Beijing Satellite TV, which receives a resounding critical success. With more than 10 years of experience in TV industry, her credits include a numbers of original &international TV formats such as MASTER CLASS and its charity concert, Dragon TV ‘ s quiz and game Show THE CUBE, Beijing Satellite TV’s talk show I AM DOCTOR, Dragon TV’s talent show CHINESE IDOL, and Dragon TV’s music show ASIA WAVE.

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