On 22nd, 3C Media was awarded “The Excellent TV Programme Production Institution of the Year” at TV Landmark 2015 co-held by State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television, and Magazine China Radio, Film and Television. Its MASTER CLASS and LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER respectively won the awards as the “Program with the Most Influential Brand of the Year” and the “The Excellent Show of the Year”.
On 19th, 3C Media put on the 2016 Major Programmes Press Conference with the theme of “Surpass·Win-Win” in Beijing. About 10 programs were commissioned by CCTV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV and other channels. In the conference, 3C Media defined its operation concepts and competition strategies as being “interesting but with a purpose” “creative rather than following” and “committed to copyright protection and industrial reputation”
On 18th, the original public welfare music show SING YOUR MIRACLE 2015 co-produced by Guangxi Satellite TV Station and 3C Media aired its first episode. More than 20 singers attended as supporting guests. The new slogan of this season was “SING YOUR MIRACLE”. In each episode, with the help from the top music producers and the supporting guests, 4 folk music amateurs were about to give their unexpected spectacular performance with an orchestra.
Nov. 1st was the date when LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER Season 1 had its curtain call with its highest rating of 1.6% in 34 cities, which broke the record of Sichuan Satellite TV. Its internet hits exceeded 1 billion. With its special form, the serious but entertaining character setting, and the capacity to interpret the in-depth tough topics, LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER caught the eyeballs of the TV entertainment market and the phenomenon it shaped shall be nonnegligible.
On 23rd, LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER did several screenings at Century Forum of Peking University and University of International Business and Economics. It created heated discussions on the core value of the show among the producer, the chief director and thousands of students and professors.
On Sept. 28th, 3C Media, as the leading company in Chinese television industry, welcomed the Québec Business Delegation (The Government Delegation of Creative Culture Industry) organized by Bureau du Québec à Beijing.
3C Media’s original format GET YOURSELF MARRIEDIN TEN WEEKS was launched at LeTV on Sept. 12th. This show attracted attention of numerous netizens and generated debates with the celebrity An Youqi having blind dates to find her Mr. Right in the public. Netizens were able to interact and follow how An Youqi finds her true love in the end. This show reflected the social problems on marriage in many aspects.
3C Media founded its subsidiary company Shanghai Zhongchan Culture Communication Co. Ltd.,. The highly market-oriental and professional post-production house in China has been working on LET’S GO TIME TRAVERLER aired on Sichuan Satellite TV .
LET’S GO TIME TRAVERLER, the first historical experiencing reality show in China, had its debut on Sichuan Satellite TV on Jul. 26th. The show, produced by 3C Media, was a joint investment by Sichuan Satellite TV, 3C Media, Huayichangsheng, Alibaba Pictures Group Limited, and Jackie Chan. The most well-known actor and director Zhang Guoli had his very first experience as the chief director of a reality show.
On 24th, THE SPRING OF COMEDY CLASS debuted on Sichuan Satellite TV. It is an original comedy show created by 3C Media and co-produced with Sichuan Satellite TV .In this show, the noted female comedian Jia Ling, along with all other young comedian talents, brought the most unique and laughable sketches on the stage.
The subsidiary company Shanghai Xiaoying Culture Media Co. Ltd was founded this month. The team once produced several reality shows for Dragon Satellite TV such as “THE CUBE” “ASIAN WAVE” and so forth. Its recent music educational show MASTER CLASS on Beijing Satellite TV was described as “a gentle breeze of the screen” by People’s Daily.
On 8th, 3C Media Award-The 2nd China TV Format Competition was open in Shanghai. Co-hosted by 3C Media, China Academy of Social Sciences, and Research Center of World Media, the competition reached an entry of over 300 paper formats. The winner GET YOURSELF MARRIED IN TEN WEEKS got commissioned and broadcasted on LeTV. The success of the event has been contributing to the creativity and production of original TV programs in China.
Co-hosted by Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) and 3C Media, the two-day event China Formats attracted the first-class creative masters, producers, and decision makers from the world leading format production and distribution companies. The high-end international forum provided full access to the frontiers of TV format industry between China and the rest of the world
3C Media’s SURPRISE! DADDY was coming to TVB Jade, Hong Kong’s biggest public TV Channel. The Chinese version would be aired along with the original Japanese program at 19:30, prime-time on Saturdays, starting from May 2nd.
On Apr. 8th, CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF Season 2 came back on Jiangsu Satellite TV. To bring its new concept -“delivering love with food”, along with the upgraded set design, themes and games, the top cooking show would perfectly combine artistic elements with entertainment parts.
On 22nd, CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF was awarded the Cooking Reality Show of the Year of 2014 at the 8th Media and Entertainment Industry Annual Award.
The music educational reality show MASTER CLASS was launched on Beijing Satellite TV on Mar. 21st. 16 young music lovers were to study and perform the classic songs with the help of 4 renowned celebrity mentors. It was acclaimed by People’s Daily as the most exceptional of all music shows.
SURPRISE! DADDY debuted on Sichuan Satellite TV on Feb. 6th. The show invited celebrities to encourage and help the 16 ordinary children who were about to go on an adventure on their own to surprise their overseas working fathers. By documenting the bitter sweet moments, we revealed the heartwarming family bonds beyond the boundaries.
On Feb. 5th, 3C Media’s CEO Liu Xichen won the award The Man of the Year - The 5th Boya List for The Survey of China TV’s Satisfaction Index (2014) at the event hosted by China Television Artists Association and Guangdong Radio and TV station, and sponsored by Jiangxi Radio and TV station and South China Television Journal.
The subsidiary company Beijing Moma Culture Media Co., Ltd. was recently founded to expand its business in cross-platform merging, new media business and informational platform of high quality content and service.
On Jan. 7th, Wang Bingwen, the Executive CEO of 3C Media, was appointed part-time professor by Communication University of China.
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