On 5th, Let’s Go Time Traveller and Master Class respectively won the awards as the “The Excellent Show of the Year” and “The Excellent Music Show of the Year” at TV Landmark 2016. 3C Media was awarded “The Excellent TV Programme Production Institution of the Year”

On 3rd, in the 5th Radio, TV and New Media Innovation Forum of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as TV and New Media Promotion of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 2015-2016, Let’s Go Time Traveller and Master Class respectively won the titles of“Top 4 Programmes of the Year” and “The Most Influential Programme of the Year”. 3C Media was awarded “The Innovative Institution of the Year”.

The filming of the original comedy show The Spring of Comedy Class Season 2 completed in December. The programme covered around 70 comedy sketches of more than 20 themes. Jia Ling, the Chinese top one comedienne, for the first time in her career, was fully engaged in production as creative director.

Since September, programmes presented by 3C have been highly promoted in different press conferences of CCTV, satellite channels and online platforms. Among them are Master Athletes (CCTV),Off the Page(Hunan Satellite TV), Selfie Challenge(Sohu) and Master Class (Beijing Satellite TV).

On 22nd, in the Co-press Conference of Five Satellite TV Resource Promotion with the slogan of “The Union of the FiveThe Content t Power of China”, 3C Media was invited as the strategic partner of Guangdong Satellite TV, Henan Satellite TV, Hubei Satellite TV, Liaoning Satellite TV and Sichuan Satellite TV.

On 22nd, Let’s Go Time Traveller Season 2 had its celebration party with hundreds of fans and students in Peking University. For the first time in TV history, the event awarded “Top 10 Fans” and “Top 10 Bullet Screen Comments” as a token of the gratitude for the strong support of the young TV and online viewers.

On 19th, 3C Media held Programme Press Conference of 2016 Q3. The conference attracted more than 200 clients, over 50 advertising and marketing companies and broadcasters. Presented were more than 20 programmes, the genres of which spanned from music, out-door reality, comedy, relations, lifestyle to on-line shows, as a proof of 3C Media’s outstanding research, development and production capabilities.

On 16th August, Liu Xichen, CEO of 3C Media, and Cheng Shirley, VP Content Strategy and Development, were invited to attend Asia Content Fair 2016 in Seoul, Korea. In the forum, Mr. Liu gave a speech on Innovation of Chinese TV Shows and particularly introduced 3C’s hit programs LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER and MASTER CLASS as the perfect examples. The speech was received with undiluted enthusiasm. LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER won the award as “The Best TV program” of Sino-Korea media “Innovation Awards” 2015-2016. 

The charity show of MASTER CLASS CHINA, BABY, SING WITH ME, struck with   Beijing, the heart of China. The event was presented by China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF), Beijing Satellite TV, Sichuan Satellite TV and 3C Media in the Great Hall of the People on 29th July, 2016.
In this event, 33 most talented kids from MASTER CLASS CHINA Season 1 & 2 shared their passion for classic music on the stage and more importantly raised the public awareness and funds for millions of left-behind children all over China.


On 5th and 6th June 2016, the 2nd edition of China Formats was held in the Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel Shanghai. This year’s topic is: Your Bridge between International Format Developers & the Fast Emerging Chinese Format Business. Within these two days, more than 50 speakers at home and abroad from 34 organizations and 4 continents gathered in Shanghai to deliver 26 insightful sessions to hundreds of participants. The event built a professional platform for Chinese formats to out reach the global market and enhanced the sino-world formats trade and co-production business. In the media coverage, the 2nd edition of China Formats was well recognized as the kick start of the internalization of Chinese formats and its creativity.
Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats commented:” China Formats has an important, strategic role in taking this momentum forward and helping to bring this potential to life. This year’s event provided a wide-ranging outlook of the opportunities”. “Attending China Formats is a great way to meet good Chinese companies and understand the complexity of the Chinese market.” Jan Salling, CEO of Missing Link Media & Co-Chairman of FRAPA, added.

During China Formats, co-held by Shanghai TV Festival and 3C Media, CEO of 3C Media Mr Xichen Liu announced that 3C Media would invest Andrea Hamilton, the UK leading producer, to set up the joint venture in the UK. The new company Om TV will concentrate on development, production and distribution of TV programs, reality shows and factual entertainment formats. This UK joint venture is the very first of its own among all Chinese production companies.
Andrea Hamilton was very excited about it: “It’s a really exciting time to be launching an entertainment production company, particularly in partnership with one of China’s largest and most successful production companies.  Om TV will strive to win commissions in the UK and, additionally, it’s a privilege to have a direct link with this fascinating emerging market”
3C Media owner and CEO Mr Xichen Liu added: "We greatly admire the creativity and production capability of the UK. Grounded in this impressive entertainment industry, Om TV is a great opening to this market for 3C Media. We’re excited about the possibilities as we work together to foster an internationally focused space for creation."  

On 25th, 3C Media and the former BBC and Sky executive Andrea Hamilton launched the brand new entertainment production company Om TV in UK. By combining the largest and oldest TV industry empire and the young booming market, the joint venture will create more potentials both business-wise and content-wise for both territories and the globe. Hamilton, who will be Om TV’s CEO, has executive produced some of the BBC’s big entertainment shows of recent years including STRICTLY COME DANCING, THE VOICE, and THE PEOPLE'S STRICTLY for COMIC RELIEF.
LET'S GO TIME TRAVELER is coming back for Season 2. The journey will hop across the most significant historical periods of China, to create the life-changing adventure with fun and full of precise history facts and details that have never been on television before.
MIPFormats bags, sponsored by 3C Media, were transformed into traditional Chinese paintings. The four patterns, plum blossoms, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, represent the four most respected characters and virtues in China.
MASTER CLASS Season 2 debuted on Beijing Satellite TV and Sichuan Satellite TV on 13th. It conveyed the core value of bridging the young generation and the old classic songs, and bringing the long forgotten memories back to life. The show generated huge discussions on social platforms, and doubled the ratings compared to Season 1.
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