On 16thDecember 2017, WHEN DOGS MEET KIDS, co-produced by iQiyi and Showing Media, exclusively premiered on iQiyi on Saturday 20.00 slot. It was the first social experiment show focusing building kids’ social ability in China. In the show, 6 kids separated with their parents for the first time and went to pets school. They lived together with 2 celebrity hosts and 6 different types of dogs to explore warm and interesting grow-up.
On 10thDecember 2017, historical reality show BACK IN TIME, co-produced by 3C Media and Sichuan Satellite TV, premiered on iQiyi VIP and premiered on Sichuan Satellite TV on 17th December 2017. Led by Guoli ZHANG and Xiaoqing LIU, the show also had Teng SHEN, Xiaobao SONG, Weijian ZHANG, Xiaolei HUANG, Lu HAI and Yuan YAO on board.
On 8thDecember 2017, 3C Media’s shows MASTER CLASS, LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER and SING YOUR MIRACLES received 4 prizes, two “Ingenuity Screenwriter”, “Ingenuity Transaction Director” and “Ingenuity Director” correspondingly, in “2017 Chinese TV Shows Summit”

On 17thNovember 2017, Master Class • National Youth Traditional Songs Competition launched. The competition is officially licensed by MASTER CLASS. “Passing the tradition, experiencing the life” is the core concept of the competition. It focused on enhancing Chinese young generation’s general ability, fulfilling “consolidating the self-confidence toward our culture and renaissance of socialist culture”. The competition traveled across 100 cities and provided a stage for 5-to15-year-old young generation to show themselves and pass the tradition .

On 16thOctober, 3C Media brought two distinguished original formats, ANCIENT GAMES and FUTURE GAMES, to MIPCOM for buyers from more than 50 countries. This is a start point for Chinese formats distribution worldwide.

On 26thSeptember 2017, THE LETTERS OF CHINA began to be produced in Star studio, Beijing. This is a culture show co-produced by CCTV and 3C Media. Famous host Jun ZHU played a role as not only host but also producer and director of this show. There are more than 60 actors and actresses attending the show as narrators, like Youbin LI, Jing WU, Bo HUANG, Qinqin JIANG, Yang YANG, Yixing ZHANG, Junkai WANG, Yuan WANG, Yangqianxi YI. 50 stories are selected from more than 2000 letters. The show re-appeared the conversation of that times, history, writers and receivers in dynamic ways.

On 29thAugust 2017, Subsidiary Two-Seven Media was set up. Two-Seven Media was set up by experienced TV producers used to work in CCTV. And it will concentrate on R&D and production of TV shows.
On 18thAugust 2017, MASTER CLASS Season 3 2nd-round premiered on Guangdong Satellite TV on Friday 21.20 slot.
On 27thJuly 2017, Hunan Subsidiary moved to new location, In order to provide a comfortable working place to all employees and to suit company’s expansion, after a half year selection, the Hunan Subsidiary allocated in Kaiyue Intl. near Hunan satellite TV.
On 15thJuly 2017 and 12th August 2017, MASTER CLASS came to Changlong Zoo for Changlong animal music festival lasting 28 days.

On 18thJune 2017, THE SPRING OF COMEDY CLASS S2, co-produced by Sichuan satellite TV and 3C Media, premiered on Sichuan satellite TV.
On 11th/12thJune 2017, 3rd China Formats, co-hosted by 3C Media and STVF, was launched. It became an international hit with its vision of Prediction, Practice and Internationalization.
On 10thJune 2017, Subsidiary Kubing Media was set up, specializing in post production.
On 1th host Jun ZHU and Singapore music god-father Shih Shiong LEE went to Changlong zoo together with MASTER CLASS for Children’s Day Music Festival. They sang “Top 10 hit songs of childhood” together with 3 pandas on the stage!

On 30thApril 2017, MASTER CLASS Season 3 premiered, with Guyi LI as headmaster and Jun ZHU, Weiwei TAN, Shih Shiong LEE and Yuying YANG as masters, to teach and sing traditional songs.

On 13thJanuary 2017, CEO of 3C media, Xichen LIU, was awarded as “2016 Top 10 TV Show Operator” on “Fingertips on the Fingertips Mobile Impact Forum” held by Chuan Mei Nei Can. Besides, both MASTER CLASS and LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER were crowned as “ 2016 Top 10 Interesting & Meaningful Shows”.