MASTER ATHLETES 90’x 12, seasonal

In this sports version of THE VOICE, 24 retired champions and celebrity sports talents  push themselves to the limit as they train and compete across 10 classical sports challenges in a custom high-tech designed sport arena. Athletes are paired up at random to form 12 mixed sex teams. Would they be able to reach again the first place on the podium?

LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER Season 2 90’x 13, seasonal

In this historical reality show directed by the renowned actor and director Zhang Guoli, 8 celebrities will travel across time and space to experience everyday life and face outstanding challenges in the real ancient China.
The curtain came down on Season 1 with the highest rating of 1.6 on Sichuan Satellite TV. The internet hits exceeded 1 billion. 
At TV Landmark 2015 co-held by State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television, and Magazine China Radio, Film and Television, LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER was awarded “The Excellent Show of the Year “as the model of being “interesting but with purpose”.

MASTER CLASS Season 2 90’ x 12, seasonal

A music educational show where children sing all-time classics with positive reviews and no eliminations. 16 young music lovers with the most promising voices in the country will have to study and perform classic songs. 4 Celebrity Mentors – leading artists in the music industry – will train them to make the most of their potential. We will witness the training and transforming moments of the students, on and off the stage. The show builds bridges between the old classics masters and the younger generations.
Top Ten Excellent and Innovative Show of the Year
MASTER CLASS was awarded “The Excellent show of the Year” at TV Landmark 2015 co-held by State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television, and Magazine China Radio, Film and Television.
The total internet hits is up to 808 million on Tencent and Iqiyi.

COME AND LAUGH 60’ x 12, seasonal

A studio-based bar where talented comedians face a well-known celebrity in each episode to re-enact the glory moments of his/her most beloved artwork with unexpected improvisational twists. It is a mix of nostalgia, surprises and a whole lot of laughter.

STAND UP FOR YOUR COUNTRY 120’ x 12, seasonal

18 families compete against each other to be crowned “The Most Talented Family of China”. They will have to impress the tough celebrity judges in the music box. But most importantly, they will have to make the strict public to stand up and vote for them, for the first time in Chinese TV history.

THE BAR 90’ x 12, seasonal/live stream

For 10 weeks, 12 ordinary people will live and work together to run a coffee shop. Each week, 1 contestant will be ousted. The last remaining three will win the job and share awards.

KID NATION 60’x 13, seasonal

40 young pioneers, aged 8 to 15, will face a lifetime challenge: to rebuild and operate a deserted town by their own hands in 40 days, without a single adult. They are not just having an adventure. They are leading one!

SURPRISE! DADDY 45’ x 13, seasonal

The series follows children that have a long distance trip alone to go to visit their fathers and spend three days together.

SING YOUR MIRACLES Seasonal 90’/ Weekly 60’, 4 se

4 folk music amateurs are about to give their unexpected spectacular performance with an orchestra.

THE SPRING OF COMEDY CLASS Season 2 75’x 12, seasonal

In Season 1, the famous comedian Jia Ling drove the show. She brought the most unique and funny sketches on stage, all along with young and fresh talented comedians.
Season 2 is coming back with upgraded settings and surprising comedy bites.

GET YOURSELF MARRIED IN TEN WEEKS Season 2 Seasonal/on-line live streamin

A female celebrity bachelor is determined to get married in just ten weeks. Voted by netizens, the most popular male contestants will get a chance to prove they are her long-awaited Mr. Right. Season 2 will provide opportunities to meet for both celebrities and ordinary people. Let’s date and get married in 10 weeks!

LET'S MAKE HISTORY 70\'x 12, seasonal

A hilarious entertainment show based on only one subject-History! 2 celebrity hosts will lead 2 popular stars on a series of challenges which require guests to recreate funny history moments. At the same time, our stars' intelligence, physical strength, logic and creativity will be tested.

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