BACK IN TIME S1 Length:S1 12ep*70min

The program sets out for a surprising and thrilling adventure through mysterious and untouched historical moments. Our celebrities together encounter a list of interesting challenges under the topic of Ancient Tea Route, Anhui Opera travel to Beijing, Water Conservancy in Sichuan, and Zheng He’s Voyage to South Asia.



MASTER CLASS S1-S3 Length:S1/S2 12ep*90min S3 15

A musical educational show where children sing all-time classics with positive reviews and no eliminations. 16 young music lovers with the most promising voices in the country study and perform classic songs. Four celebrity mentors – leading artists in the music industry – train them, making the most of their potential.




LET’S GO TIME TRAVELER S1-S2 Length:S1 13ep*70min S2 12ep*7

In this historical reality game show, eight celebrities travel across time and space to experience everyday life and face outstanding game challenges in the real ancient China. The participants attempt to finish unique tasks and games to fully experience the certain ancient life. 



ON THE ROAD S1-S4 Length:S1 25min*9ep / 50min *4

A Chinese couple travel to a remote location, untouched by man, to experience the extreme life of survival. From S2, they sail a ship to visit countries around the Pacific. In season 3, they drive a jeep across the barren deserts of the Middle East. In the latest season, they assemble their own aircraft! Their trips are either humanitarian quests, such as rebuilding the Bamiyan Buddha with light or focused on exploration of nature, like venturing deeply into Amazon Rainforest. The only go where few people have gone before.

A program from HuanYu Media.


SURPRISE! DADDY S1 Length:S1 13ep*45min

The series follows children that venture on a long-distance trip alone to visit their fathers who work far from home, and spend three days together. A celebrity will keep the children company along the trip to their daddy and help them complete their quest for a loving reunion with their family.



COME AND LAUGH S1 Length:12ep*60min

In each episode, celebrities are invited to a studio-based bar to share the glory days of their career. They are challenged by a group of talented comedians who improvise the bitter sweet moments of the celebrities in the most funny and unexpected ways. 



THE SPRING OF COMEDY CLASS S1-S2 Length:12ep*75min

The Famous comedian Jia Ling drives the show forward with her famously hilarious sketches and acts, along with young and talented guest comedians.




Imagine dropping in on the world's biggest sporting event 50 years from now... In this wildly imaginative, cutting-edge physical entertainment series, competitors from today live together, train together, and battle it out in incredible sporting events from tomorrow.: Lightbike Racing, Hydro-Hurles, Sky Freestyle, Disc Battles... Featuring newly developed technology applied to create thrilling new sporting events that take place on land, on sea and in the air, and all set in a CG-enhanced future world including Future Stadium, The Future Dome, Future Forest, The Athletes Village, and Training Facility. Future Games is an exciting mix of competition, reality, tech and an exciting, inspirational vision of the future. 
As our stars lead the way into the future, a future potentially waiting for us all, who will be crowned Future Games champion?

A Format from OMTV.


This epic sports competition and battle series will see one super-fit modern-day star crowned Champion of the Ancient Games.
Over the course of this action-packed, fiercely competitive series, famous celebrities and ex-athletes, all in peak fitness, compete in challenges, games and disciplines from across the Ancient World.                                                       
Our competitors will live in the Ancient Games Camp, where they dress, eat, and sleep exactly as the competitors would have thousands years ago. Cooped up together, with no electricity, wifi or smartphones, their basic living conditions and competitiveness are sure to inspire a charged atmosphere in which tempers run high.
Who will be Champion of the Ancient Games?

A Format co-developed with Zig Zag Productions

MASTER OF THE ART Length:10*90

Celebrate art and culture like never before! This format explores a different cultural topic each season - art, poetry, opera, literature, etc - by testing the knowledge of those who love it the most! In each season, 105 contestants compete over ten episodes to prove who is the most knowledgeable in the field. Men and women, old and young, from all social classes and occupations compete, and they all have one thing in common - they have a passion for that season's topic.  

A format from CCTV.  

WORDS OF LIFE Length:12*90

Fabulous writings from ancient epistolary mail to modern instant messaging. Comments on author's background stories to understand the true meaning of each writing. A discovery of unbelievable, touching and untold stories. Total immersion in message's context by 360 3D-Mapping projection.


MARRY IN 10 WEEKS Length:11*60

A female celebrity bachelor is determined to get married in just ten weeks. Voted by netizens, the most popular male contestants will get a chance to prove they are her long-awaited Mr. Right. Season 2 will provide opportunities to meet for both celebrities and ordinary people. Let’s date and get married in 10 weeks!


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